Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Case in Point...

In my last article I wrote, "[L]iberals...do not really care about issues. Their one and only prerogative is to prevent the Republican from winning..."

(For the record, I do not believe conservatives care about issues either, though both sides will tell you they do. Americans on both sides of the political spectrum vote for personalities and perennial "wedge" issues like abortion, gay rights, immigration, Supreme Court nominations, etc. Anyone who doubts this needs to read Joe McGinniss' 1968 book, The Selling of the President.)

For further evidence of this claim, I offer Esther B. Clenott's letter to the editor in today's Portland Press Herald ("Readers compare senate qualifications of Dill, King," 10/23/2012).

She writes, "...the overriding necessity in this election is that we Democrats re-elect President Obama and that we defeat Charlie Summers."

To be clear, I have no desire to see Summers become Maine's next senator. But I am not going to vote for Angus King simply because he is perceived as having the best chance of winning, or as Clenott puts it, because "we can trust him." (Yeah--trust him keep unjustified tax-cuts for the rich while refusing to raise the pathetic minimum wage for the rest of us.)

I vote for the candidate that best represents my positions on the issues. In this case, that happens to be the Democrat. If Summers ends up winning because I had the audacity to actually vote for the candidate I like best (heaven forbid!), then so be it. The same goes for the presidential election in which I will be supporting Jill Stein.

Incidentally, Dill is absolutely correct that there are too many old, rich, white men in both the Senate and the House. I always find it ironic when self-described "feminists" inform me that anyone who truly cares about women's issues needs to vote for Obama. As if Obama knows more about what it's like to be female than Stein--who is both a doctor and a woman.

For more about why I refuse to vote for Angus King, click here.

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