Sunday, October 25, 2009

TABOR is the Solution to Nothing

More misguided, free-market worship by an equally misguided, anti-taxes conservative. (Though, he points out he is "a conservative, not a Republican," as if that is supposed to mean anything.)

Craft writes, "Economic success is driven by the individual, not government spending." I would be inclined to agree with this if the notions of individual-driven, free-market capitalism actually worked in reality. The fact is, a very small number people get lucky and rich, but for most citizens, such wealth remains a fantasy.

If Craft is so concerned about rampant government spending, why does he not mention anything about the vastly bloated military spending budget, currently estimated at $651.2 billion? Or how about the cost of our immoral, imperial adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan? These anti-taxes libertarians remain silent when it comes to military spending.

TABOR is not the answer. It was a lousy bill the first time around, and it remains lousy now.

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